About Us


ABT factory is a furnishing company established in 1940 with traditions dating back 78 years. The ABT factory was established by Jahir Bajrami, currently functioning as a family business and providing the same promising services since day one. Throughout the years this is company has attained a professional and trustworthy name. ABT is now run by Jahir’s family who have been there from the beginning struggles to the big success that has been achieved. Our products come from our creativity and we finalize every detail. This company has achieved to be a competitor at local markets but also is open to new work, new places and to find passionate learners. ABT factory has made sure that your design should include all of your requirements and it should match the price of the product and the labor. ABT factory has acquired the knowledge and the success of a serious, big company because it started as a small business idea. When the business was first founded, the tools and technology were old and difficult. It is exciting to be working with new and up to date technology and tools here in our factory in Kosovo with space of 1000M2. The company plans to export manufacturing to the European market. Our goal is to expand our production to many other distribution centers. The love we have for the work we do and time and effort we put into it is what has made us successful and wanted amongst the people of Kosovo. They are the inspiration for the long term success at our company.